AP Reviews – announcement


IT HAS BEEN a delight and privilege to review well over 300 albums at AP Reviews (this site) since launching in 2012. During that five-year period, much has changed – not only in terms of my activity as a reviewer and professional writer/editor, but also in the way that music is accessed and explored. So, as we race towards the close of 2017, I have decided to alter how I support and promote our wealth of UK and international jazz artists and labels:

  • Album reviews are now selected at and written for publication on the LondonJazz News website only (and referenced here), subject to time availability.
  • This site remains, updated with links to the above, along with any other relevant posts, whilst also serving as an archive (see pull-down menu or search).
  • News and views on album releases and other music-related activities continue (with typical enthusiasm!) on my Twitter account.
  • I am open to receiving promo CDs or links to new album releases for social media activity (though this is in no way presumed).

From my point of view, what will continue is an unquenchable thirst for publicising the astonishing creativity that this buoyant music scene offers, as well as immense gratitude for the many, lasting connections I have forged over the last few years.

Here’s to us listening to, appreciating and talking about more great music into 2018 and beyond!

🎹 AP


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