AP Reviews is dedicated to the recommendation of new or recent recordings which enthuse me, almost exclusively in contemporary jazz and jazz/rock, and which I hope may therefore be introduced to a wider audience (see T&Cs for full details).

• Jazz reviewer and music writer
• Professional proofreader, copy-editor and copywriter
• BA (Hons) graphic designer

• Pianist, church organist and published composer
• Jazz, classical, folk and prog rock aficionado
• Based in Cheshire, United Kingdom

Email: a.s.pallant@gmail.com
Twitter: twitter.com/AdrianPallant

EDITING – commissioned copywriting, editing and proofreading (including artist biographies, CD and vinyl artwork, digital music services, website content, programme notes)
Email: approofreading@gmail.com
Website: adrianpallantproofreading.com
Twitter: twitter.com/approofreading

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