#recentlistening – December 2018

DECEMBER’S LISTENING includes lush sounds from Scotland, Brazil/Seattle and Norway.
Follow the links below to sample/purchase.

Square One, featuring Andy MiddletonDouble Bind
Available now at Bandcamp

Jovino Santos Neto Quintet (live)Because of You
Available now at Amazon

Torun EriksenLuxury and Waste
Available now at Amazon and Bandcamp

Available now at Amazon and Bandcamp


#recentlistening – November 2018

THERE’S A DEFINITE Icelandic zephyr to November’s listening, along with another gem from Portuguese/London-based guitarist Vitor Pereira and quintet. Beautiful music, resplendent in its artistry and diversity. 
Follow the links below to sample/purchase.

Sunna Gunnlaugs Trio / Verneri PohjolaAncestry
Available now at Bandcamp

Vitor Pereira QuintetSomewhere In The Middle
Releases 5 December, available at Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Víkingur ÓlafssonJohann Sebastian Bach
Available now at Deutsche Grammophon, Amazon, etc.

Scott McLemoreThe Multiverse
Available now at Bandcamp

#recentlistening – October 2018

PERHAPS a little off the beaten track… these four, interesting and upcoming releases are currently catching the attention.
Follow the links below to sample/purchase.


Lionel LouekeThe Journey
Releases 2 November, available from Aparté Music and Amazon

The Magic LanternTo The Islands
Releases 2 November, available from Bandcamp

Districts – Green is Not a Creative Colour
Releases 1 November, available from Jazz Plus Productions at Bandcamp

Casey GoldenAtlas
Releases 9 November, available from Bandcamp

#recentlistening – September 2018


AS THE SEASONS TURN, here’s a gladdening and varied clutch of new arrivals.
Follow the links below to sample/purchase.

4 albums

PhronesisWe Are All
Available at Edition Records/Bandcamp

Madeleine Peyroux – Anthem
Available at madeleinepeyroux.com

Sara ColmanWhat We’re Made Of
Available at Stoney Lane Records/Bandcamp

Agnar Már Magnússon & Lage Lund – Hending
Available at Dimma/Bandcamp

#recentlistening – August 2018

ILLUSTRATING the diversity of contemporary jazz in four fascinating recent releases.
Follow the links below to sample/purchase.


Floating Circles QuartetEleven Yesterdays Ago
Available at Bandcamp (free download)

Mark WingfieldTales from the Dreaming City
Available at MoonJune Records – Bandcamp

The Balagan Café Band – The Balagan Café Band
Available at Amazon and iTunes

Woven EntityTwo
Available at Enid Records